Friday, April 24, 2015

What's In the Box Friday 4/24/2015

Something from Portugal? For me? I wonder what it could be.

A letter from the Portuguese. For me? What could it be?

Twin peaks Soundtrack
Music From Twin peaks, not to be confused with Soundtrack From Twin peaks.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Big Thing

Tiny Drawing Poem by artist Jenny Mathews and poet Thomas L. Vaultonburg

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One Point Concerning Maritime Law

Jenny put this piece together for Spring Art Scene. 

"One Point Concerning Maritime Law" is a Tiny Drawing Poem by artist Jenny Mathews and poet Thomas L. Vaultonburg

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Monday, April 20, 2015

I'm Not Earl, Tom T. Hall

The day after Record Store Day I was still craving more vinyl, so Jenny and I set out to an antique mall in town we'd never been to. Each of us set a spending limit of twenty dollars for the day, so I wasn't expecting to find much. The mall was a pleasant surprise, with all the boots full, plenty of room to move, and a nice variety of items. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a single horror VHS tape, or any Hot Wheels, but I did find a Go Go's album early on, then a booth about midway with some Tom T hall albums, and then at the very last stall, after we were long since too hungry and tired to be looking, there was a vinyl collector. I bought Huey Lewis and the News Sports album and a Return To Forever album for the elaborate artwork. Overall, it was a fun and successful day in the vinyl mines.

Shopping for vinyl records
It's hip to be square!

Bought this Return To Forever album for the artwork, came home, played it, and loved it. 

No, you're not seeing things, this Tom T. Hall album is signed. It's signed to Earl, and I'm not Earl, but nonetheless what a cool thing to find for five dollars. The day after Record Store Day was a good day for vinyl.
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Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Vinyl Collection Is Now Doing The Stroke After Record Store Day

Record Store Day with Thomas L. Vaultonburg at Culture Shock
I wish I liked my new haircut as much as I like the records I bought at Record Store Day. Maybe if i tried combing it. I also got The Rolling Stones Hot Rocks and The Police Reggatta de blanc. I remember the Billy Squier album well because he seemed to come out of nowhere and become a star instantly. My cousin had just opened up a record store in a huge, historic resort hotel that has long since been torn down, but I bought the album there, and now over thirty years later I just bought it again. "The Stroke" was of course the monster hit from this album, and people are still ripping it off to this day, but I enjoyed several songs on the album, and my favorite is probably "Whadda You Want From Me." I was slow to accept the re-introduction of vinyl records into our culture because all I remember is the pain in the ass they were to maintain, but now that it's become such a phenomenon I'm just choosing to remember the good aspects of what these albums meant to me when I originally bought and played them as a teenager.  Pin It

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Jinx Dawson, Coven, and Witchcraft

I have an unusual and unbidden connection with Anton Lavey and the Church of Satan in that out of the blue a couple of years ago I was sent a manuscript for publication written by someone very close to Lavey during the formation of the COS. Someone who had actually co-written the books and had lived in Lavey's house. I passed on the book because that sort of entanglement just seemed like trouble. people still at odds over that estate and how the story should be told. I say this because I received my very own copy of Coven's Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls Lp in the mail today. What I know about this band from my limited research is that were NOT the type of costume Satanists, or dabblers in the occult that were so fashionable in those early days of the Church of Satan. In fact, they weren't associated with the COS at all, and at one point were scheduled to appear at a performance with Lavey, but he backed out. I'm currently listening to the album for the first time on You Tube because I don't own a phonograph player anymore. My first blush reaction is her voice is a lot like Grace Slick. The music itself really pales in comparison to something like Iron Butterfly. I've seen them described as metal, but nothing in the songs bears that out. The songs are more akin to Jethro Tull or maybe even a prog rock band, if there ever were a prog rock band that wasn't very good at playing their instruments. In short, the music is sort of disappointing, but I'm waiting for the Black Mass I know that is at the end of the album. "Kiss the goat."

Coven's Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls

Aside from the overt occultism that caused Mercury Records to recall this album soon after its release because of the public outcry and as an overreaction to the Manson Family murders, the most notable thing about this album is lead singer Jinx Dawson. Born into a prominent Indianapolis family to a doctor father and model mother, her name came from the fact that she was a twin, and when her twin was born stillborn her mother named her Jinx. The family is reported to have been members of some prominent secret societies. With that combination of factors, it's no surprise Dawson set out to find herself in numerous occult disciplines. 

I admire their non-association with the Church of Satan. Sort of lends an air of legitimacy to what they were doing. In fact, all the members of the band were students of the occult, and not just posers. Although for many years Ronnie James Dio has been credited with being the first rocker to flash the Sign of the Horns, it's now clear that Coven did it first. 

Jinx Dawson lead singer of Coven

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Bad Company Debut Album On Swan Song records

Bad Company's Bad Company album from the band Bad Company
This arrived today. One of the better debut albums of all time. Not sure if another band since then has had a song that was also the title of the album and the band. This was played heavily in our household, and everywhere else during my entire youth and adolescence. It's a really memorable cover design, too. This was the first release from Led Zeppelin's Swan Song label, and it's hard not to think the had much better luck than the Beatles did with Apple Records, although who can fault those Badfinger albums? The album reached number 1 on Billboard's 200, and went platinum five times. 

Side one
"Can't Get Enough" (Mick Ralphs) – 4:16
"Rock Steady" (Paul Rodgers) – 3:46
"Ready for Love" (Ralphs) (Mott the Hoople cover) – 5:01
"Don't Let Me Down" (Rodgers, Ralphs) – 4:22

Side two
"Bad Company" (Rodgers, Simon Kirke) – 4:50
"The Way I Choose" (Rodgers) – 5:05
"Movin' On" (Ralphs) – 3:21
"Seagull" (Rodgers, Ralphs) – 4:06 Pin It
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