Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I Was Here

Going to spend the night here at Zombie Logic Press headquarters on the Holmes Block. Just rented Enter the Devil on Amazon video. Haven't written a word here in two months. Not a damn thing to say about anything going on. I play Dungeons and Dragons on Tuesdays, and nothing that happens in those sessions strikes me as any more bizarre and surreal that was has happened around me this year.

We got a piano this week. And a roll top desk much like the one my parents had in their home. Nothing fancy, just a department store style roll top desk, but when I saw it at the thrift store I knew I had to have it. Been looking for five years now, and this one just appeared when we were trying to waste a few minutes browsing on our way to something else. I bought her a piano and she bought me a desk.

Night of the Living Dead has been on a constant loop on the VHS lately when I'm here at the apartment. 

recently I stopped collecting vinyl records and started collecting cassette tapes instead, for a couple of reasons. First, vinyl records are just too expensive, and I never really liked them in the first place. I was happy when cassettes, then compact disks came along. I just wanted listening to the records at all, but I have no fear about putting a five dollar cassette in my boombox and listening to something like Van Halen or Tom Petty.

Enter the Devil is a really effective and unique low budget horror movie shot in Texas in the early 70's. A nice addition to the Satanic cult genre that was so en vogue then. And a unique take on it. 

I was here.

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Monday, October 9, 2017

Bloodroot Silverthistle

Bloodroot Silverthistle by Ella Mathews
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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Moving On To the Next Thing, But Really Even the Next Thing After That

Hard to believe Bittersweet Observations is coming down Monday. It seems like just yesterday we were doing the installation. We'll have to lug those four heavy typewriters home, the 26 panels from the book that were in the exhibit, and seven huge paintings that Jenny did. I want a couple of the panels for my apartment. The truth is, as every artist knows, the second you finish something and it is displayed somewhere you move on to the next thing. Which we have. Our latest Zombie Logic Press book, Lonely Bird, will be released October 7th at a book release party at Luna Datura's Curious Gifts

Poet Thomas L. Vaultonburg at Bittersweet Observations exhibit at Rockford Art Museum

In fact, Jenny is at MainFraiM this afternoon staining the wooden cover for Lonely Bird. 

Jenny, Jeremy, and Carmen assembling Stephen Schreiner's book Lonely Bird at MainFraiM.

Our good friend Ryan Davis took these photographs of us Monday. 
My Smith and Corona. Can't wait to get it home and bang on it a while. 

It was an honor and a surprise to be selected an exhibiting artist at the Rockford Art Museum.  Pin It

Monday, September 25, 2017

Lonely Bird Book Party

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“Lonely Bird” by Stephen Schreiner

Zombie Logic Press is proud to announce the launch of its 5th book in the Rock River Literary Series, “Lonely Bird” by Stephen Schreiner. Lonely Bird is quite a unique book for children and adults alike. The story follows the misadventures of a zany flock of birds and is appropriate for all ages.

The design and making of Lonely Bird is just as unique, with an artisan, handcrafted wooden cover, assembled by Jeremy Klonicki, Jenny Mathews, and Mona Lindvall at 
Mainfraim, insuring each book will be one of a kind. 

There will be a book release party on October 7th from 4-6 p.m. at 117 S. 3rd Street during Rockford Art Scene Luna Datura's Curious Gifts for first-time local author Stephen Schreiner's book Lonely Bird. The author will be on hand to sign copies of his book.

The four previous books in the Rock River Literary Series, created specifically to publish Rockford area writers: Iced Cream by Jesus Correa, The Zen of Beard Trimming by C.J. Campbell, The Blood Dark Sea by Dennis Gulling, and Atrocious Poems A To Z by Jenny Mathews and Thomas L. Vaultonburg, are also available at Luna Datura, a storefront specializing in curious gifts that opened recently at 117 S. 3rd Street.
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Monday, August 28, 2017

Kolchak: The Night Stalker: They Are, They Have Been, They Will Be...

Received these wonderful, untouched VHS tapes in the mail Saturday. Got them for the price of postage. All twenty episodes of one of my favorite television shows of all time: Kolchak: The Night Stalker. Plus the televions movies that preceded the television show, The Night Stalker, and The Night Strangler. 

I decided to start my watching party tonight with "They Are, They Have Been, They Will Be...", and episode that aired on September 27, 1974. It's about aliens, but it's also intermingled with a story of Kolchak desperately trying to finish his reportig so he can get to the Cubs' World Series game, which he has tickets for.

Few television characters, maybe even only Hawkeye Pierce, are more beloved to me than Carl Kolchak. It is a shame there were only twenty episodes, but it's also a mini miracle there were twenty episodes. The special effects are never much more than comical, and intentionally so, but it all works in ways movies that have spent 100 million dollars on special effects never did. 

Dan Curtis, of Dark Shadows, had either produced or directed the two television movies that preceded the series, but was neither producer or director of any of the television episodes. 

It may take me several months to get through these with fantasy football season upon us, but hopefully I'll have time.  Pin It

Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Death of Strahd

It seems like two months have slipped by since I last wrote. Two months, coincidentally, since I joined a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with my friend Andrew. We walked into acampaign that had been going on several months, and clashed with the old characters immediately. Cast into the Astral Plane we were able to latch on to a structure floating through space. The only problem was they were also holding onto that appartus, and attacked us immediately. 

In the two months and eight nights since that we have played, I have been attacked four times now by my own party, but nothing has caused more tension than my accomplishment of one of the great feats in all of Dungeons and Dragons... killing the vampire Strahd.

For weeks the hostility rose as one of my fellow characters became angrier and angrier that he could not dissaude me from my goal to kill Strahd. Apparently he was possessed by the soul of Strahd's brother and swore a blood oath to kill me if I interfered in the ressurecting of Strahd's love Tatyana, and their eventual marriage.

Being Chaotic Good I of course was opposed to all of this. Strahd is a terrible and merciless tyrant who has been feeding on the people of Borovia for centuries, and my only goal was to destroy him. Forever.

The Death of Strahd

What it was like to be a D and D player during the Satanic Panic

My partner in adventure, Arg, a dragonborn, shared this goal, and we did what we have always done... began scheming.

Our master stroke in this caper was to enlist the aid of the arch wizard Mordenkainen, who I had to choke into unconsciousness to get his attention. Once I apologized for disrespecting his station as the most revered wizard in the multiverse we laid our nefarious plan upon him, and because he had a deep-seeded hatred of Strahd he went along with it.

We went along with the marriage, knowing as soon as it was finsihed Strahd would become mortal when the curse was lifted. The moment this happened I sprung into action, grappling Strahs into submission, then decapitating him.

But our Dungeon Master had a surprise in store for us. The skies darkened, and something descended upon us. Had Strahd smelled out our double cross and sent a bodydouble to stand in at the wedding?

No. The reality was far darker than even this. The demon lord Graz'zt descended from the dark skies to the roof of Ravenloft castle and demanded to know which mortal had taken the head of Strahd. Realizing demons and vampires are of different alignments, and often at odds, I confessed to the slaying, thinking Graz'zt may be pleased with my deed and reward me. This was not the case. He was incensed I had denied him the pleasure ofdisposing of his enemy himself, and immediately attacked me with the Wave of Sorrow. We're playing a Legendary campaign (obviously), so my armor class is a ridiculous 28 dur to having +3 Plate Mail and a +3 Defender sword. Graz'z't was onlyable to hit me once, dealing some significant damage, but not nearly enough to incapacitate me.

Our party is laden with legendary magical items, ridiculously powerful NPC's, and a leniant DM who likes to let players succeed, so out Mystic was able to really get under Graz'zt's skin and out Barbariab doled out almost triple digit damage. I even managed to get in a lick with my Defender before Graz'zt decided to grab Strahd's head and bug out.

Leaving me with my enraged fellow party member Dench, who immediately attacked me with his Oath Bow. He did strike me twice, lowering me to single digit hit points, before my fellow party members talked him back into his senses.

He swore after we accomplished our mission of finding Strahd's head he would kill me. I said have fun trying, and we moved on, but Arg and Peterberator had accomplished one of the greatest coups in D and D... killing Strahd. Mordenkainen immediately vanished, and has not been heard from since. The people of Boravia were free of their curse. Now they only had Strahd's brother to deal with. 

But would he stay dead? More later. 

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