Friday, May 5, 2006

The Carrier Is a Bizarre Movie Gem From 1998

Anyone who appreciates bizarre low budget horror movies that defy classification should check out The Carrier. It fits into the two topics I want to write about here. And there will be a point, I promise.

First, the government approved one BILLION in funds for five drug companies to develop a vaccine for a flu epidemic. Hmm. What epidemic? That's why you should be very, very afraid. The most terrifying thing that has resulted from the supposed flu epidemic two years ago is that drug companies now see the profit that can be realized in people being sick. They have a very good motive to make people sick. How can you develop a vaccine for a flu that doesn't exist. I think you know the answer... they create the virus then sell you the vaccine, which technically you already paid for with your tax dollars. So what that a few children and kids and weak people will die this is the new big business.

My advice is demand the separate vaccine they make for themselves and the "important" people. Actually, once they release the virus, which won't be until later this year because of reasons I'll explain  later make sure you let them know if people you care about die people they care about will die. This is no fucking around. 

These animals actually are about to release a virus so they can sell the antidote. Anyone capable of that has voided their humanity and should be executed by the people.

Remember last year when they said they made the "wrong" vaccine? What actually happened was they created the wrong flu. The company that actually had the vaccine wasn't rich enough to bribe the politicians in Washington so they scrapped the whole idea and decided to wait until next year when the BIG drug companies could get involved. It was the right vaccine it's just the wrong people had it so they didn't release the flu.

They won't make the same mistake this year because the BIG boys are in on it now. The company that developed the vaccine last year was kind of like the guy who invents a machine that runs on water in his basement. He disappears.

Alright, so it was my "night off" from castaways, but I had bad feeling. Actually, I always have a bad feeling now. It's in my stomach, behind my eyes... I get there and help Dan set up a birthday party for tomorrow and we hear a crack. We have both heard that crack before so we get out front and as we get to the parking lot one of the bartender's friends is punching him in the face multiple times. Dan goes for the guy's legs and I wrap him up chest up. But now Chad is angry and wants to punch his friend back. And as much as I though it would have been fair to let Chad get in a few punches we had to stop him.

Twice in one week now I have very large friends beating the hell out of each other at Castaways. Is everyone on testosterone or crack or some virus like in 28 Days Later lately? What the hell is wrong with everyone? Is that we have to look forward to all summer?

Anyway, watch the movie The Carrier. It is kind of bizarre and unique. Make sure your leaders know you know who they are and that they will not be given immunity.

The Carrier 1988 VHS tape

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