Saturday, May 31, 2008

How To Discuss Taxes With a Conservative

How To Discuss Taxes With a Conservative

            Admitting you're a Liberal is kind of like admitting you were the captain of the chess team or played Dungeons and Dragons as a teenager. Liberals are mamby-pamby. They're weak. They're whimps. Phil Donahue could be the National Spokesperson for Liberals. Conservatives have pushed Liberals around for years and used every nasty, childish, playground Dirty Trick to make Liberals appear like weak, limp-wristed, ivory tower elitists with granola in their guts and Evian in their veins. And it has worked for the same reason any playground bully is successful: most of us didn't fight back. It got so bad that before Barack Obama appeared on the scene it was impossible to even find anyone who would admit to being a Liberal.

            I think one failure of Liberals is the belief that if you hold ideals of fairness, compassion, freedom and opportunity for all no one can argue against you. Didn't work for Jesus and it won't work for you. You need to know how to fight and defend you beliefs. To not only parry against the Republican Sheeple Attack Squads but deliver well thought out and effective responses to not only stop the morons in their tracks but actually destroy their argument all together. Note to Liberals: it's OK to defend yourself. It's not undignified to shout down someone who is belittling you and it is not beneath you to actually fight for what you believe.

            In the last election Ohio was decided primarily on the issue of gay marriage. Liberals lost the election because they didn't have one effective counter to the gay marriage barrage by the Conservatives. But the granddaddy of all anti-Liberal attacks is the classic Tax and Spend Liberal who is going to raise your taxes and give your money to programs to people too lazy to work. It's worked since FDR and it's working now. I'm going to give you some ammunition to attack that attack instead of just sitting back n your heels.

            George W Bush was "elected" in 2000 and had a Republican controlled Congress for the first six years of his presidency. This means Conservatives had free reign to do as they wished in all three branches of the government(Legislative, Judicial,Executive) for six years. They ran the show. And they spent the lights out. George Bush presided over the most egregious spending orgy America has ever known. And it's not even close. He ran up the first trillion dollar deficit then the first two trillion dollar deficit then the first three trillion dollar deficit. There hasn't been a no-bid weapons dealing, oil drilling, private security peddling corporation that hasn't been the lucky recipient of most of this new spending. Your tax dollars. Going to Corporate Welfare recipients like Halliburton, Bechtel, Bear Stearns, United Airlines.  So when the NASCAR Republican with three teeth and a satellite dish that gets Fox News tells you Liberals just want to raise your taxes to give the money to minorities tell him Bill Clinton actually balanced the Federal budget and George Bush spent more money that any ten Presidents combined.

            Raising taxes. This moronic charge has been sufficient to win elections at all levels. George Bush has raised your taxes. Astronomically. By refusing to make wealthy corporations and individuals pay their fair share of taxes your local and state governments and governing bodies have been forced to raise your taxes in numerous ways. The lottery is a tax and pay tolls are a tax and licenses are a tax and taxes on gas and food are a tax and tuitions rates and fees for extracurricular events are a tax and property taxes are a tax and inflation is a tax. What? Inflation is a tax? That's not right. Sure it is. Whenever another person raises the price of a commodity to compensate for the excessive taxes they pay to produce the products it's a de facto tax. You're being taxed up the wing-wang by state and local politicians because they have no choice but to raise taxes because the wealthy corporations won't pay their Federal taxes so there's no money for your schools, your roads, your police, your water, your fire protection.

            Whether your local politician is Liberal or Conservative is irrelevant your taxes went up drastically. Haven't they? So, here's what will happen: McCain and every Conservative in every election nationwide will get up and say his/her opponent is going to raise your taxes. Here's what you say: "You mean more than Conservatives already have by forcing me to pay for Corporate Welfare programs at the local level." Don't let them get away with the garbage. Know the truth and say the truth. There are dozens of taxes you and I pay nearly every day and Federal Taxes are just one of them. Take a few moments during this next month to really watch where your money is going. At the gas pump: tax. At the grocery store: tax. Sending kids to school: tax, tax, tax. Toll booth: tax. Inflation: hidden tax. Lottery ticket: self-imposed tax. And even after paying all these taxes you're still responsible for those who are sick, and poor and hungry and homeless and forsaken and broken and mentally handicapped because the Federal Government sure isn't going to do it. They got better things to do (with your money) like giving it to Backwater and ensuring News Corp(Fox, My Space etc gets a tax exemption(that's right they paid zero taxes, don't believe me look it up).

            And that's the final tax: charity. After all your hard work and trusting your government to do the right thing with the money they extort from you they leave your soldiers wandering the streets and housed in rat infested dumps and leave your children uneducated and your handicapped and sick and poor without the services you already paid for. So we all pay again. Because WE have humanity. Because we care about each other. Because we think fair is fair. If stealing from your fellow man is strength and compassion is weakness I choose weakness. I choose to be a Liberal and am proud to be.

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