Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dolphins - A Poem byThomas Vaultonburg


The night is so clear
Dolphins swim through it.

All the noises in the world
Become my noises and
Even the stars tiptoe
Across the sky
To shine brighter in Texas.
Some of us deserve more pain
Some more happiness 
I just deserve more
And I get it in small but
Potent doses throughout the night.

Dolphins is a poem from my second book Detached Retinas, a book of poems written over a seven year period from 1990-1997. I remember writing this particular poem on a porch on Quincy Street in a huge house several of us lived in on and off over a period of a couple of years. Jenny really likes this poem and decided to do an illustration we turned into a Tiny Drawing Poem

December 11, 2012 update: I love this combination of the poem "Dolphins" and the illustration Jenny and I did. Dolphin Tiny Drawing

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