Monday, August 31, 2009

Should the Zombie Squirrel Eat the Armadillo or Boy?

Ratatosk the Zombie Squirrel

This is number one (boy with bicycle).

Ratatosk webcomi
This is number 2 (armadillo).

Remember, there are no wrong answers. Zombie Logic Comics is a democracy and we're interested in what you think. So vote 1 or 2, boy and bicycle, or armadillo. Your votes are appreciated and your comments.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Single Zombie Female

Jenny has a mortal fear of zombies. She sees them shambling across the road when she drives at night. This Saturday we went to a local concert at a bar for Halloween and there were people dressed as a group of zombies. We had to move to another area of the bar. Which is why I was shocked when she agreed to draw what I had in mind for a webcomic of a single, post zombie apocalypse zombie female looking for love. 

Single Zombie Female has been very popular, even appearing in Coast To Coast Halloween Gallery
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ratatosk The Zombie Squirrel

Ratatosk The Zombie Squirrel is one of the first webcomics me and Jenny came up with. I really like this little fellow. I think I saw him scampering around the neighborhood this week. 

Ratatosk The Zombie Squirrel

There actually has been a squirrel with mange in the neighborhood lately and it's an offputting sight. I think squirrel mange is mostly attributable to mites, but what if there were a zombie pandemic in animals? 

Aside from being a character in Norse mythology, Ratatosk is a character in this game
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Buy Detached Retinas By Thomas L. Vaultonburg


The night is so clear
Dolphins swim through it.

All the noises in the world

Become my noises and

Even the stars tiptoe

Across the sky
To shine brighter in Texas.
Some of us deserve more pain
Some more happiness 
I just deserve more
And I get it in small but
Potent doses throughout the night.


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Dumbing It Down - A Poem By Thomas Vaultonburg

As a poet a good lesson I have learned over the years is to never evaluate the quality of your own work, especially immediately. I had a of an ancient poet, perhaps Ovid, whose advice to poets was to put your work in a drawer for five years before you ever even considered showing it to anyone. This poem, "Dumbing It Down," was something I found written in a notebook years after I had first written it, and I loved it. I wondered why I hadn't thought it was good enough to include in the rotation of poems I was considering for the next book. Maybe I thought it was too facile. Now I think of it as one of my favorite poems I have ever written.

Dumbing It Down

I dumbed it down.
I fed it McNuggets
And put it to sleep
With pop tunes.
I made it join
The Republican party.
I drugged it with
Cable television,
I bribed it with
Guilt-free sex
And threatened it
With religion.
I spent a lifetime
Beating it
Into submission and
The ungrateful bastard
Still writes this poem.
My fourth book, Submerged Structure

Update December 11, 2012. A local distributor just bought out the entire first printing of our children's book The Toughskin Rhinoceros Wrangler Company. So that feels pretty good, but means now I have to get cracking on the second printing. I wish someone would buy out these poetry books, but that seems unlikely.

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Zombie Logic Press Logo Unveiled

As I update this first Zombie Logic blog entry I realize few things in life have brought me more enduring happiness than this logo that Jenny Mathews created for our literary press. I had wanted a logo since I started Zombie Logic in 1997 (I actually started it when I was 18 in 1987), but it wasn't until 1997 when I published the first book, Detached Retinas. 

I bought the web domain for Zombie Logic and Zombie Logic Press in 1997 when I published the first book

Detached Retinas. I did the cover art if that gives you any idea of how grateful I am to work with a top shelf artist like Jenny.
I spent most of the late 90's and 2000's in a nomadic fashion, often losing whatever momentum I would build up, on occasion finding myself homeless. I lost everything multiple times, including a small press library I has accumulated over the years that included chap books and small press zines I had been published in with other poets I admire like Charles Bukowski, Ron Androla, Kurt Nimmo, Tood Moore, Gerald Locklin etc. There's no way I'll ever be able to recover those one of a kind possessions, but I learned during those times to not become too attached to things. 

But one thing I did lose that I can't get over is the domain name Zombie Logic. By the time I had settled myself anywhere that seemed stable someone had purchased the domain name and never has let it lapse. I even went as far as to offer them a generous sum for a domain that isn't all that interesting, but never received an answer. 

But what I do have is the knowledge that I coined the term "zombie logic" and all these years later have four books in publication, a website, and this damn fine logo.

Update December 11, 2012. Still haven't managed to recover the domain name for Zombie Logic, but fortunately the world is going to end in 11 days anyway.  It still feels like I've lost part of myself, but I still hold out hope I'll be able to contact the person who has bought it and make a deal. 
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