Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Haiti Your Guts

There is no God. We all know this. We all know about my infamous blogs denouncing the Catholic Church. We all know at best I dislike Christianity.

So, why am I about to defend a cabal of evil Christians who were trying to steal a bunch of Haitian children and condemn them to lives of misery beyond anything they could have imagined in Haiti?

Short and simple: as those Christians were spiriting those children out the front door to whisk them away to an awful life of video games, Stryper concerts and Bible Camp, I'll guaranfuckingtee you another group was sneaking kids out the back to sell them into lives a sick fuck like Michael Jackson would build an amusement park in honor of.

The Christians were wrong. Wrong because they didn't pay off the right people. This story has nothing to do with children or their welfare, it has to do with the one true God... MONEY. The Christians didn't pay off the right people. Anyone knows if you want a bunch of nubile, Haitian children you go through the proper channels, you pay the proper bribes, then you can do whatever you want with those children.

What you don't do is disrespect the local slave trafficking officials by simply snatching the children and running.

And the outrage. Everyone is outraged.

Fuck ya'all. Where was your outrage last month, last year, last decade? Next week after the press moves on and everyone forgets about this issue they'll still be selling those children in Haiti, Thailand, Africa, Chicago, Detroit, New York City, your hometown.

Oh, did I go and do the unforgivable and suggest maybe YOU might have some sort of complicity in another crime against humanity so heinous and so subhuman that you might have to sit down, turn off American Idol, and wonder just what the hell you're real value as a decent human being is?

Poorly constructed sentences aside, we sure do love to pick out some person or some group and blame them for an entire problem, then smugly kick the shit out of them, then promptly take our outrage and file it away until the next time the press gets us worked into a lather.

These Christians were wrong. They didn't follow the proper channels. And that is foolish because they have the money and the connections to do it the right way. But in a landscape where almost no one is even trying to do the right thing. Women are being raped and children snatched up and sold to whoever has a pack of smokes, are these people the wrongest?


We all are. Because we don't really care. Do we? We just want someone to kick the shit out of so we feel better about not really doing a damn thing ourselves. Really, we just want to be in control. We want to believe we decide who is the bad guy and who is the not so bad guy.

We're all the bad guy.

Live with it.

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  1. This may never happen again, but I think I mostly agree with you--not sure, though.

    I am not sure anyone is doing anything a whole lot worse than leaving children in Haiti.


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