Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shingetsu and the Tao of Prog Rock

Some afternoons there's more afternoon than things to do, so my mind wanders. On occasion I'll fall into a rabbit hole and end up somewhere I never expected. The afternoon I discovered the music of Japanese progressive rock band Shingetsu was such an afternoon. It began quite innocently. One thing I like to do is give another look at something I feel I may have overlooked, or dismissed without a fair trying out. Progressive Rock is one of those things. So, I started what became an afternoon long excursion into the heart of prog rock by listening to "In the Court of the Crimson King" by King Crimson. A natural entre into the early 70's world of prog rock, and one I enjoyed quite a bit. But the thing about You Tube is it branches out and you end up in places you might never have expected . This happened to me. By nightfall I had learned every country has it's own Prog Rock band. Shingetsu is Japan's.

Perceptive readers will surely note the figure in the Tiny Drawing is not playing a gong at all, but a drum. very true. Because the Tiny Drawing is inspired by a performance of Houston's Japanese drum ensemble, Kaminari Taiko. Tiny Drawings and Tiny Drawing Poems cannot occur simultaneously any more than two subatomic particles can occupy the same space at the same time. But after I wrote my tribute to Shingetsu I remembered the Tiny Drawing from the performance. 

The font is Atomic Sushi, not because I did an exhaustive search and Atomic Sushi was the most appropriate font, but because once I saw the words Atomic Sushi the search ended. as always please feel free to share Tiny Drawing Poems and if you're interested in purchasing a Tiny Drawing you can do so Tiny Drawings but probably not an original because only I have those.

Shingetsu was a Japanese prog rock band

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  1. Shinget is one of my favorite bands ever! dod you have their discography?

  2. Sadly, I don't have of their albums on vinyl. I bet they sound great.


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