Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Beer Can House In Houston

I like beer. I was commanded by Tom T Hall from an early age to do so

Turns out to be one order I have no problem following. But there was one guy in Houston, Texas, who REALLY liked beer. He liked it so much he decided to side his house with beer cans

     Now, when I heard a man spent twenty years building a house out of empty beer cans I thought they were taking about my dad, but this cat was serious. So, when I got to Houston, I knew I had to investigate. 

The poet Thomas L. Vaultonburg points at beer
Me pointing at beer cans in Houston

     This is me confirming that this man did indeed drink this can of Schlitz sometime between 1968 and his death. He apparently also drank a Coors, some Pabst Blue Ribbon, Pearl, and many Falstaffs. Then decided to side his house with the cans. Being a poet, I both understand and approve of that type of time wasting. 

     I pointed at other signs inside the house, and other places in Texas, but I feel this is my best pointing work. 

At my bar, Castaways, we used to have Old School Beer Night. I'd try to find as many cheap, old beers, like Schlitz, Blatz, Lowenbrau, Pearl etc., throw them in a bucket, and you had to reach in and whatever you grabbed you had to drink. For a buck. Ideas like that are probably why we went out of business. 

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