Thursday, February 23, 2012

Single Zombie Female (Speed Dating)

Single Zombie Female is the world's first and only feminist zombie webcomic. Written by Thomas L. Vaultonburg and illustrated by Jenny Mathews, Single Zombie Female follows the adventures of SZF as she searches for brains, love, and the perfect pair of skinny jeans in a post-Apocalyptic world full of zombies and construction workers. This episode is titled Speed Dating. 

webcomic Single Zombie Female
Single Zombie Female by Jenny Mathews

Zombie Logic Press gratefully acknowledges that this episode of Single Zombie Female was featured on the Coast to Coast website

February 10, 2013 update: I'm anxiously anticipating some more episodes of SZF, but life has been busy. Maybe an idea for a new episode will overtake me while I'm doing something mundane like separating the recycling. I think she still has a lot of work to do in the ongoing struggle for equality among the undead.

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