Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Buy Submerged Structure by Thomas L. Vaultonburg

Submerged Structure is the 4th book by Outsider Poet Thomas L. Vaultonburg. It is a meditation on his struggle with Schizoid Personality Disorder. It was published by Zombie Logic Press in 2012. The photo on the cover was taken by his very good friend Ryan Davis, and is from a rest stop between Byron and Oregon, Illinois warning of a concrete dock that had fallen from the shore and could no longer be seen. The sign has since been removed. 

Submerged Structure By Thomas L. Vaultonburg

"There's a road sign, or was as of three years ago when the picture on the cover of the book was taken, between Byron and Oregon Illinois. The sign reads Submerged Structure, warning those who might be tempted to dive in to the water of the Rock River that something unseen is resident beneath the murky water. I grew up driving past that sign quite frequently, and each time I passed it the words seemed to become more and more personal to me. I would often wonder how many signs like this in the entire world there were. Not many I concluded. Maybe not even any. Maybe it's the only one in the entire world. What lurks beneath the water there? I've never known. But to me it seemed like a perfect metaphore for those of us who suffer from Schizoid Personality Disorder. Except in our case there's no sign we can plant in the ground to warn others. Even if there were it would be virtually impossible to explain that some part of us has broken off and submerged deep inside our psyche, and is either just gone or nearly impossible to get to. Nearly impossible." -Thomas L. Vaultonburg

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