Thursday, February 2, 2012

Top Ten Tiny Drawings By Jenny Mathews

                                                                                 10) Celery
Celery Tiny Drawing

     Celery is an every day Joe. He has a job and a girlfriend. He bowls. He goes to family picnics. The only difference between Celery and you or I is Celery is a celery. 

                                         9) Garden Gnome Riding a Squirrel

Tiny Drawing
Gnome Riding Squirrel

    On occasion the creator of Tiny Drawings, Jenny, will run out of ideas for drawings and ask me. And sometimes I'll say the oddest thing I can think of like "There's a garden gnome, named Rastus, and he's riding a squirrel and using a sprig of asparagus as a lance in a joust with an Orc." Now if you said that to 99.999% of the people on the planet they might tell you where to put your asparagus, but since Jenny can draw anything she starts drawing, then a while later I get an email and it's a Gnome named Rastus riding a squirrel and using a sprig of asparagus in a joust against an Orc (in this case Orc not pictured). 

                                                       8) The Batphone

Batphone by Jenny Mathews

     This was another request by me. For some reason I want one of these old rotary phones in black. I have no earthly use for it, but I still want one. But when you have a Tiny Drawing you usually don't even need the thing anymore.

                                                         7) Prime Rib

     Peime Rib is from the cuts of meat series (suggested by me). I'd eat this prime rib. 

                                                  6) Two Planets Merlot

     Two Planets Merlot is from the beverages series. I think I may have also recommended that one. This would go really well with the prime rib.

                                                              5) House

     There have been occasions when I mentioned my ideal house would have porches on top and bottom so I could walk out of a summer afternoon and maybe drink a cold beer while watching the world go about its business. It's like that Twilight Zone episode where the kid imagines something and it appears. 

                                                          4) Train

     Sometimes other people will request a Tiny Drawing. And she draws it. Like this train. 

                                                          3) Mermaid

     This Tiny Drawing was the runner up winner in a national contest for a vodka label. I think the contest was fixed.

                                                            2) Well

     I don't know where this well is, but my guess is that it's somewhere behind the house from earlier.

                                                         1) Wolf Boy

     This is my favorite Tiny Drawing because I know what it is and you don't have to you can just look at it.

You can look at all the Tiny Drawings by Jenny Mathews and you can even buy them and request one at Tiny Drawing

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  1. Thank you Thomas. Those are some of my favorites too.

  2. These are beautiful! "Garden Gnome Riding a Squirrel" is my favorite.


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