Sunday, February 12, 2012

Two Free Valentine's Day Cards For Slackers and Superheroes

Are you late in getting your love something for Valentine's Day? Not sure what to get for him/her? Maybe you just want to keep it low key and inexpensive this year. Not to worry, Zombie Logic Press has just what you need. Free. Jenny at Tiny Drawings came up with this neato superhero-themed Valentine's Day card that is appropriate for children, adults, and everyone else. She said you can use it if you want. 

     I also came up with a little something for Valentine's Day. I don't write very many love poems, but when I do, I think I do it right. This is a Tiny Drawing Poem collaboration titled The Perfect Crime. It's probably not intended for children's school Valentines like Jenny's, but I think most of you can find another scenario it might be right for. We also authorize you to use this for Valentine's Day. 

     As far as getting yourself out of the doghouse if you choose not to recognize your beloved on Valentine's Day... that's your problem, but don't say we didn't try to help. 

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