Friday, February 10, 2012

The Devil Times Five (Peopletoys)

Leif Garrett was made for dancing. And cross dressing, if his performance in the 1974 low budget classic The Devil Times Five (Peopletoys) is to be believed. He also likes to lose at chess then hack Boss Hogg to death with an axe. Leif Garrett probably went to prison, and when you watch this movie you'll understand why.

Here's a few reasons why you'll probably like this movie: kids coming up with some pretty gruesome and imaginative ways to kill adults, a catfight between a blond and a brunette, one softcore sex scene, Boss Hogg from The Dukes of Hazzard is in it, there are pirrhanas involved, and a man steps in a bear trap. Also, as an appreciater of movie posters, I have to say this is a really cool movie poster. 

Sure, the movie's not very good, but neither are your grandmother's blueberry muffins, but who's gonna tell her? 

Peopletoys movie poster
Devil Times Five movie poster.

Leif Garrett with an ax
You're way too pretty for prison, Leif

March 26, 2013 update: This is really a fun movie I watched over and over again when I first moved into this apartment four years ago. I had it on the Drive Inn Classics collection and since I had lost everything when the bar went under all I had left was a few items. This movie really got me through a lot of lean times. It also has one one of my favorite subgenres, the forsaken place, incorporated in its theme. Isolation and entrapment were something I could really identify with at that time. 

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