Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dead People (Messiah of Evil)

Dead People is a low budget 1973 horror movie written and directed by William Huyck and shot in various locations in California. Some very attractive women and quality actors were in the production, including Michael Greer and Marianna Hill. A very good, unusual movie with a magnificent eerie feeling to it. several really great scenes, including 

This unbelievably successfully creepy scene in a movie theater and

This one in a Ralph's supermarket. I bet you can guess what happens next.

This is one of those quirky, well-done early seventies horror movies where you wonder if things are going right by accident or if someone really wanted it to look and feel this bizarre. There are some great unintentionally bad gaffs like a classic mispronounciation of Richard Wagner which supposedly resulted from a straight reading of the script, but even these uneven moments will just make you fonder of this one-of-a kind movie. 

Not to be overlooked in the spooky atmosphere achieved by the script, location, and shooting of this movie, is some really interesting art work. 

Dead People, which will probably be titled Messiah of Evil if you see it in a bin at Best Buy, is a movie I can come back to anytime and be entertained and really just admire for it's atmosphere and sense of creepiness in a forsaken place. 

Is it a zombie movie? I'll let you decide that for yourself.

I later saw actress Marianna Hill in The Baby, another really magnificent and unusual early 70's movie.

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