Saturday, March 31, 2012

Death Ship Is An Unsinkable Cult Classic You'll Be Happy To Go Down On

The movie, Death Ship (1980) is another installment in the late 70's, early 80's craze of aquatic zombie movies which includes far better movies like Shock Waves and Zombie Lake.

Zombie Logic
Death Ship British quad poster
This is a quad poster. These are what movie posters look like in Britain and for collectors you can get some really nice variations and rare posters if you search for quads.

Anyway, Death Ship is terrible. The kind of terrible I actually enjoy. You probably won't, but to each his own. Here's what happens. George Kennedy goes nuts after he gets fired by Richard Crenna (the jerk from Summer rental) and his ship crashes. The survivors find a huge, black ship with no one aboard. Then

This chick takes a shower...

The water turns to blood, George Kennedy throws her bloody ass overboard...

Then they run through the halls in slow motion for about half an hour and 
Apparently this little girl sees this, which seems like it might be pretty cool, but I haven't got that far yet. Anyway, that's my review of Death Shit, I mean Death Ship.

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  2. Sounds like Judgement City in Defending Your Life.


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