Friday, April 27, 2012

Humongous (1982): Zombielogic's Incredibly Brief Movie Reviews

Humongous is a 1982 horror film which receives a 3.3 star rating out of ten at IMDB. It's either completely deserving or undeserving of that rating based on how you feel about this photo...

Humongous begins on Labour Day 1946
A bad photo, you say? Nope. Not really. This is what most of the movie looks like. I can tell you something interesting and horrible occurs in the setting depicted in this picture, but if you watch Humongous, you're not going to see most of it. If soft focus and darkness doesn't bother you, let's proceed...

Humongous movie poster
Mostly accurate. Something is loose in this movie. I'll divulge this: Humongous is a movie in the forsaken, desolate, derelict places genre. If that is a genre at all. To me it is, and in that genre movies like The Shining and Session 9 are two of the best examples, but I've recently discovered lesser gnown gems like Ghostkeeper, Warlock Moon, and Screams Of a Winter Night. This movie has the added bonus derelict places features of...

Typical muddied shot from the movie
Being shot on an actual island, and an island in Canada. They could have shot it in the director's apartment for all you'll know because you can't see any of it, which will be simultaneously frustrating, but somewhat fascinating in the sense that you'll never come away from this place with a clear picture of what just happened. I actually kind of like that and think it adds something to a pretty interesting movie. 

Gratuitous boobies...

Humongous Descending a Staircase. In sum, a unique movie (or else I wouldn't have bothered). Frustrating as hell to watch, but worth it for real horror fans.

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  1. The color scheme you chose for this blog entry almost exactly matches the color of the film. It's a wonderful low budget horror movie, but very frustrating to watch.


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