Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tom Thibodeau Finally Ruins Derrick Rose's Career

Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau led the team to a 62-20 record in the 2010-2011 regular season and won the NBA Coach of the Year Award. Bulls' fans were ecstatic. This seemed to be the best turn of a lucky card since the Bulls won the lottery to draft Derrick Rose . The Bulls walked through the Eastern Conference rather easily... until they met the Miami Heat. That's when Tom Thibodeau and Bulls' fans should have learned a lesson, namely that regular season wins are about as valuable as Pogs these days. The Heat lost game one to the Bulls, then swept them out of the playoffs without expending real effort, despite the Bulls dominating the regular season series. Lesson learned, right? Wrong. Coach Thibodeau started the lockout-shortened 2011-2012 right where he left off, grinding his players into dust to win meaningless regular season games.  The injuries began immediately. Deng, Hamilton, but most importantly, league MVP Derrick Rose. Rose suffered five separate injuries this season, and each time he was rushed back onto the court, or at least allowed to return to the court against his better interests by a coach who seems to have no concept of how the human body works. Well, Coach Thibodeau's obsession with maintaining a level of intensity in circumstances when any reasonable coach would allow his players to rest, caught up with Chicago Bulls today when...

Reigning NBA Most Valuable Player collapsed to the court with a torn ACL with one minute left in Game 1 of the playoff series against the Philadelphia 76ers. The Bulls were winning the game by over ten points. It took Coach Tibbs all season of driving Rose to try to perform at an MVP level when he was clearly not physically able to play, but he did it, he finally broke the only real chance this version of the Bulls will ever have to be the far superior Miami Heat team. Many people were saying Tom Thibodeau should win the Coach of the Year Award again this year for once again piling up more regular season wins than any other team in the NBA. I wonder what they're saying now. The good news is...

Rip Hamilton is finally ready to play. 

January 25, 2015: Seems like I was kind of right about this. Almost three years later, and Derrick Rose seems like he will never be the same. Wasn't worth it, was it Tom Thibodeau? The Bulls have a great and exciting team this year, and it would be great to have the old Derrick Rose. 

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