Monday, April 9, 2012

Drive In Massacre Is a Cult Classic That Kills

Drive In Massacre is a 1977 film that gets 2.5 stars on IMDB. It's a little better than that, but not much. Regardless of the rating, fans of low budget horror know that bad reviews and low ratings have nothing to do with how much fun a B movie can be. This one has good moments. 

And by "it" we mean...

This. The kill scenes aren't too shabby if that's your thing. It's not mine, but they're not too shabby.

So, believe it or not, these two schlubs are the detectives assigned to solve the case of the Drive In murders.  When I first saw these two losers I figured they had to have put up a lot of money to produce the movie because they don't look they could solve anything but a case of lost Ex Lax (and I don't even know what that means). Who dunnit?

Was it this weird dude who I think they call Germy who works at the drive in, or 

This Anton Levey looking dumbfuck? Or some third guy with a pink shirt and white belt looking more like a modern hipster than any hipster I know but I can't find a picture of him so you'll have to take my word for it?

Who cares, because this just in... the red stuff on your hot dog might not even be ketchup. Drive In Massacre, pretty good, with some interesting but stupid characters, dumb-ass looking cops who look like serious perverts, and I forgot who the killer was.

You can find Drive In Massacre in this highly recommended boxed set for less than twenty bucks.

March 29, 2013: I'd love to watch this movie again tonight. 

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