Saturday, April 21, 2012

Antropophagus (The Grim Reaper)

Sometimes I conflate movies. Two movies I may or may not have seen combine to create one super movie that no one else can really see, but such are the joys of madness and advanced age. It's my review and I can write it any way I want. Antropophagus is a movie about antropophagy, and once you look that up you'll know what this gem from 1980, also known as The Grim Reaper is about. Or you can look at this picture...

The Grim Reaper creepy dude
Assuming you are assuming that those are human entrails, AND that he's going to eat them. 

Mystery solved, Velma. Unless you're not convinced he's about to eat those entrails AND that those entrails are human. 

He eats people. Damn. I'd say spoiler alert but the movie is titled Antropophagus. Aside from eating people, this is a good movie. The movie I conflate it with is Dagon, because...

Two clueless, pampered, rich kid ding dongs are shipwrecked, and end up on an eerie but strikingly beautiful Aegean island, only to be separated when the chick is kidnapped (probably) and...

Holy fuck, I don't remember all this cool shit happening. Anyway, it appears to be a grisly movie starring Mick Fleetwood as a drummer who goes insane when he discovers Stevie Nicks is fucking Joe Walsh and decided he's eating everyone in Greece. At least that's what I remember it being about. Highly recommended for being unique, but I think pretty grisly in content and theme. (It's a good thing they didn't include the real Stevie Nicks in the sequal, The Grim Reaper 2, Mick Fleetwood Comes Back For More, or the movie would have taken weeks to end).

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