Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Death By Dialogue

In the 1988 film Death By Dialogue, a group of college students head into the California wilderness to visit an uncle who conveniently lives next to an abandoned film set. None of what happens in the movie makes any sense outside of the setup that there's a possessed movie script that is unearthed, and whoever reads it will be subject to the grisly details contained in the storyline, up to and including...

Having sex with this chick, then for no damn reason at all wandering into the forest and...

Discovering a heavy metal band playing, only to be decapitated moments later when the bass players guitar turns into an axe. Or...

Just joking. Gary Busey isn't in Death By Dialogue. This review is over. 

January 25, 2015: Still love this incomprehensible movie. I feel like it is shot in the same location the movie Hellgate was. Some times I think they are the same movie. But they are not. 

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