Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Korean Zombie Defeats French Named Sissy in MMA Fight

Combining two of Zombie Logic's favorite activities last night, MMA fighter Chan Sung "The Korean Zombie" Jung defeated more highly rated opponent Dustin Poirier with a fourth round application of the exquisitely undesirable D'arce choke hold, causing Poirier to question whether he wanted to continue the melee. He chose not to...

For most of the fight it appeared The Korean Zombie was intentionally trying to kick and punch his opponent in vulnerable areas of his body. Not very zombie-like in this writer's opinion. It must be noted The Korean Zombie never once attempted to bite his opponent or otherwise expose his brain in any way to be devoured later. After choking Poirier unconscious, Jung had ample time to devour his brain, but declined. Why this can be counted as a victory for Jung is anyone's guess, but to each his own. In a better and more satisfying result result Jung

Took a young poodle in a Kung Fu outfit by surprise, easily dislodging his brain with a knee applied to the nose, then ate it. Now that's a move befitting a fighter nicknamed The Korean Zombie. Good luck to you in future fights, Chan Sung Jung, official MMA fighter of Zombie Logic Blog.

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