Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day With the Lord

Jesus, by most reports, was quite a problem child. Even a murderer, really. Killing one of his childhood friends by pushing him from a roof, young Jesus manifested his powers for the first time by bringing him back to life. After an undistinguished career as a child, Jesus disappeared. Some believe he went to the Far East to study with the Buddhists, but that seems unlikely. When Jesus re-emerged he was the Messiah. Many might find it interesting that Jesus and his Disciples really weren't very popular and didn't make much of an impact in their time. That's why there are no written accounts by historians until a hundred years later. That, and they didn't exist. 

Jesus on Mother's Day, circa 0.

Mothers Day With the Lord 
Most people like to slip And slide around On the fringes of Damnation: wife Swappers and tax cheats (Third maybe fourth Circlers at best) But I want to see The entire fuckin floorshow Up close So I invite Jesus out On Mother's Day Run up a huge tab On lap dances And import beers Stick Him with the Whole tab Which I know will piss Him off Because he ain't workin Right now.
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  1. Ok Mr. Smarty pants...
    If he/they dint exist, WHO THE FUCK BUILT MY HOTROD?!?!?!


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