Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pictures of Norman Fell Pretending Jack Tripper is Fruity

There's absolutely no redemptive value to this particular blog entry, it's just pictures of actor Norman Fell in his Three's Company role of Mr. Roper making hand signals that indicate he believes fellow actor John Ritter is homosexual. So, here we go...

In this hand signal Norman Fell is making the Tinkerbell gesture, which shows that he believes pastry chef Jack Tripper is gay.

Here we see a slight variation of the Double Tinkerbell gesture from Norman Fell. And the conspiratorial eye roll to really let the live studio audience knows that he knows that Jack Tripper knows that he knows what's really going on.

In his final photo, World War II veteran and member of the Rat Pack actor, Norman Fell appears to be engaged in slapping this woman's bottomside. Norman Fell, please be alive somewhere in the Universe doing what it is you do.

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