Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Seven Brothers Meet Dracula

The Seven Brothers Meet Dracula, also known as The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires, is a Hammer production, directed by one of my favorite horror directors of all time, Roy Ward Baker. Some of Baker's films include The Monster Club, Vault of Horror, Asylum, The Vampire Lovers, and Five Million Years to Earth.  Here's how it goes down...

Taking a lesson directly from President Nixon, Count Dracula wakes up one morning and decides he needs more of a presence in the Asian markets, and where better to start than China?

So, the Count finds a trade partner willing to sell out his own people in exchange for certain considerations in the derivative market.  Leaving the Count free to...

Take on the guise of a Chinese vampire. Now to oppress the people and rape the women.

Seven virgins bleeding into a blood stew for Seven Golden Vampires. Won't anyone stand up and fight?

Damn right they will. Where there are Seven Golden Vampires there must be Seven Brothers (and one sister) to fight the. The martial arts scenes in this movie are very well done. 

More stuff happens. There are hopping zombies and a blond chick and Peter Cushing is in it at Van Helsing. I have it on VHS and play it every few months. I think I might go play it right now.

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