Monday, August 27, 2012

The Fantasy Football Bum Bus 2012

Last year the fantasy football Bum Bus was loaded up with has-been running backs rolling along the countryside just waiting for someone to get hurt, arrested, or convert to Mormonism and decide to go on a mission to The Sudan. It looked a little bit like this...

Clinton Portis was driving, Larry Johnson was navigating, Brian Westbrook was riding shotgun, and every running back that had retired from Beattie Feathers on seemed to be jamming the seats. 

I envision the 2012 version of the fantasy football bum bus will have a lot of over-the-hill wide receivers, and maybe one kicker whose errant foot sent an entire 53 man squad home for the holidays instead of to the Superbowl. In my mind the 2012 Fantasy Football Bum Bus looks a little bit like this....

Fantasy football bum bus 2012
There's still room on the Bum Bus. Who will be the next to get on?

Busts, sleepers, and bums

Who will be on the Fantasy Football Bum Bus in 2013? Maybe the crew at Fantasy Football Folio knows.

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  1. Cedric Benson will be riding that bus in 2013.

  2. Benson and Kenny Britt are more likely to be riding the bus to prison in 2013 than the bum bus.

  3. Aaron Hernandez definitely on this year's bum bus. Should be under it.


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