Monday, August 20, 2012

What If Paul Williams Were the National Currency of Poland

Last week I was at Goodwill with Jenny. And out of nowhere I became obsessed with Paul Williams. Recently I re-watched Phantom of the Ritz, so it wasn't totally out of nowhere, but in one of those freakishly rare chicken-or-egg mystical moments that happen a few times in the course of a year or so, a dead ringer for Paul Williams burst out of the dressing room. Had I seen this ersatz Paul Williams out of the corner of my eye earlier. Was is a case of Jungian synchronicity? I'm not sure, but I couldn't stop myself from singing Randy Newman's song "Short People," but as soon as I did I noticed to my horror one of the Goodwill volunteers was a small person. I don't remember having seen her before I started singing. Had my singing called her from the aether and into being in this new Universe where everytime I imagined or sang about someone they spontaneously appeared. I'm not sure, but today I can't think about anything buy what the Universe would be like if Paul Williams appeared on all Polish currency. I may be an idiot. 

What if singer Paul Williams were on a coin?
The Polish Mint announced recently that diminutive 70's relic Paul Williams will  henceforth appear on all Polish currency. 

January 25, 2015: I have no idea what I was writing about here, or why, but it would be cool if a nation put Paul Williams on their currency. 

And yet, no one has done it.

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