Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Andrew Davis Made Me Watch Hard Rock Zombies (And I Thank Him)

I really like the style of artist Andrew Davis. He's wry and unique and never goes for the low-hanging fruit. This is a new piece of his Zombie Logic Press is lucky enough to be able to feature. You figure it out.

I don't know what's happening here. Do you?

I met Andrew back in 2005 when he started coming to the bar my brother and I had opened along the Rock River. For the first winter there things were pretty sparse and it was always nice to see him and his friends there. By spring we had become friends and concocted an idea to use the empty bar to do something both of us had always wanted to do: show zombie movies. And Zombie Night was born. The first Tuesday we had 12-15 people there to watch Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, but by June we were counting over 250 people showing up to watch classics like The Stuff, Troll 2, Hard Rock Zombies, and Riki-Oh:The Story of Ricky. About that time a professional Roller Derby league formed in Rockford (in the bathroom of the bar, actually), and the bar became the home for that. I mention it because Andrew Davis did a series of really great posters for both Rockford Rage Roller Derby and Zombie Night. He tends to be avery low-key about his own work, which is why I'm sort of keen to tell you how good it is. Here's a bad scan of the poster he came up with for Zombie Night.

Zombie Night poster by Andrew Davis
So, I was super-excited when I learned Mr. Davis was planning an ongoing webcomic titled Demoted. I was further intrigued by the premise: a demon is demoted to Earth and must bear the indignity of working with a dullard he considers beneath him. As well as interact with the most putrid form of low-level scum in the Multiverse... humanity. I think that's what he told me it was about. To me that's what it's about. Unfortunately, there is only one episode of Demoted. 

And I'm going to be a dick and make you go here to read the rest of it.

Demoted #1

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