Thursday, October 18, 2012

Please Sign A Rod Kenny Williams

The Yankees are supposedly willing to do anything they have to to get Alex Rodriguez out of town and onto someone else's squad. Only a GM who hasn't read the accounts of the Trojan Horse would fall for such a trick. But one local team whose fan base seems to like the idea is the Chicago White Sox. I hate the Chicago White Sox. No, that's not fair, I actually kind of like how Kenny Williams has assembled the team. I liked the  Ozzie years. I even like the radio team of Ed Farmer and Darren Jackson. I'll go a step further and admit they have the best announcer in baseball in Steve Stone. 

But I despise White Sox fans. And I hate Hawk Harrelson. My dislike is better explained here. I hope the White Sox do commit a great deal of money to sign Alex Rodriguez.It might sound a little bit like this line from the movie Moneyball...

Billy Beane: Oh, you're special?
David Justice: You pay me seven million bucks a year, man. So, yeah. Maybe I am a little bit.
Billy Beane: No, man. I ain't paying you seven. Yankee's are paying half your salary. That's what the New York Yankee's think of you. They're paying you three and a half million dollars to play against 'em.

Please sign A Roid, Chicago White Sox. Please. 

He's already fucked everyone in New York, including the fans, so why not come to the South Side and scout the talent during the games, maybe drink a few beers, sit in a recliner and play video games. Are White Sox fans nucking futs? Why would you want this cheating loser on your squad, even for free? Contrast his nonchalant style with Kevin Youkilis, who gave the Sox a major boost midseason with his willingness to go deep into counts and fight a pitcher to the death for a walk, a scratch single, or even a home run. You're not going to get anything like that from this bum, even for nothing. I don't even wish this waste of space on the White Sox. Especially since you just don't have any at bats to go around at DH with Adam Dunn and Konerko already on the team. 

Alright, I talked myself into it. Please sign A Rod Kenny Williams. 

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