Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Shuttered Room On Blood Island

The two movies I will be reviewing tonight, The Shuttered Room and A Name For Evil are very unique and interesting entries in one of my favorite genres: forsaken places. I love movies where the star seems to be a forboding landscape, abandoned asylum, or ancestral estate. In The Shuttered Room, also known as Blood Island, and based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft, a couple returns to a sparsely populated island where the woman was born. As soon as the ferry leaves them on the island you know it's about to go bad. The locals are weird and menacing. 


Oliver Reed, who plays Ethan, the king of the roost on Blood Island. Until Gig Young shows up with his young wife Sarah, played by Carol Lynley, here taunting by Reed by saying you want to see my boobs you animal, here are my boobs. This makes Ethan angry. There's more to this movie.

There's some sort of monster that is shackled in this shuttered room. But the thing about this movie that wranckled me the most was this pack of jackals...

Geez I just wanted them to die, especially the guy in the Cubs' hat as they taunt and hound Gig Young. The Shuttered Room is an interesting movie, not great, but quite entertaining if you like this genre. 

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