Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sorry You Got Tuba-erculosis Greeting Card

A couple of weeks ago Jenny and I had a table at a craft show. We sold some books and some cards and art, but the best part was we had time to just throw ideas around, which we almost never do because there's someone who needs to go to the immediate care clinic or a school play about the history of rocks. We noticed that people were really liking the greeting cards Jenny had made up with just her Tiny Drawings on them, so we decided maybe a whole line of greeting cards was in order, but in true Zombie Logic Press style we can't just play it straight, there has to be a twist. So here is the first card in our new line of greeting cards for occasions you never even dreamed there was an occasion that happened for that. keep in mind if this card doesn't apply to your current predicament, Jenny can personalize any concept you might have in mind. Just contact us for pricing on creating you a Christmas card, a birthday card, or a card for any occasion you can imagine. We'll make it.

After I came up with this idea and we laughed all afternoon I realized we were going to a birthday party for my grandma who had spent time in a sanitarium because she had, you guessed it, tuberculosis, so I explained to Jenny it might not
be best to discuss our new idea for greeting cards for all sorts of nonsensical occasions at dinner. But if you have an idea for a nonsensical card just send it to us and we'll let you know. The font here is Polka MN.

See the original Tuba Drawing

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