Thursday, December 13, 2012

Becoming Effective

The loss of civility is palpable these days. In traffic, in line at the supermarket, even safely snugged away in your home just watching the news. People don't know how to behave any more. The loss of civility is directly proportional to a loss of one's humanity in this writer's opinion. Respect for others, the past, and the rules that govern a culture shows respect for oneself, and the inverse. This is an ironic poem I wrote about our modern mania to look out for number one.

   Becoming Effective 

   Throw out Robert’s 
   Rules of Order, 
   Throw them right 
   Out the window 
   Of a moving vehicle 
   As you cut off 
   Someone’s mother 
   In traffic. 
   Now you’re getting 
   Wipe your ass with 
   Emily Post and 
   Roll up a big joint 
   In Romans 3:23. 
   Now you’re getting 
   And getting it’s good 
   Because getting it’s 
   All you got left.

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