Saturday, December 1, 2012


I remember late in January this year making a conscious decision to take this blog, which had been all but scuttled, and make a conscious effort to become a real blogger. From the age of 14 until 40 I kept a paper and ink journal, but no longer. I look back on the enormous amount of content I've generated here and am very proud. Roughly 300,000 page views this year. That seems like a lot. One thing I am lamenting is the poetry itself has taken a backseat to trying to create something visual. I feel badly about bowing to the pressure to create something sexy at the expense of what was in my heart. So, I think for the remainder of December I'm going to do poetry here and at Zombie Logic Review

"Feral" by Jenny Mathews

Why You Are Not Here

I was saving
You for the encore
But the show
Was a flop.

I stopped to smell
The roses..
Often and with
Remarkable torpidity.

I barked up
A lot of wrong trees
And beat a lot
Of burning bushes.

I cast my seed
(Or your seed depending
On one's perspective
But not yours because
You don't exist)
In dirt and once
Or twice in sand.

I frittered away
Your genetic inheritance
On high-risk offerings
And low-yield bonds.

I'm sparing you 
Chicken pox, 
The death of 5-10 
Pets and the sharp 
Tooth of a child's 

My work has come 
To nothing and thus 
You are nothing. 

All the good names 
Were taken. 
Did you really want 
To bear the ridicule 
Of being 
Wolfgang Bertram 
Van Munster Vaultonburg? 

Although I make 
A laudable martini 
My penis' bark 
Is worse than 
My semen's bite. 

Always I paused 
To carefully examine 
The map at the mall... 

You were never there. 

I took a vote... 

You came in second. 
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