Monday, December 10, 2012

Sports Make People Say Stupid Things

Sports is interesting in that it makes people say stupid things. Things like "We're going to war." Sports are an important part of our culture, no doubt, and have an important part to play in our lives. But they're way overblown. One of my favorite poems is this one that puts sports in the context I believe it belongs in. As a game. Just a game. It's a poem I wrote about my grandfather, who not once, but twice stayed at work to complete his shift despite having a heart attack during the day. This poem appeare in one of my very favorite literary periodicals Gargoyle #50

The Streak 

   The announcer fawns 
   Over the Iron Man: 
  ` “Number 63 has played 
   In 120 straight 
   Football games, 
   An amazing feat 
   Of endurance.” 
   I do the math: 
   Sixteen Sundays a year, 
   Three hours a pop 
   For nearly eight years, 
   360 total hours, 
   Or maybe five or six 
   Weeks of my granddaddy’s 
   Life in the field and 
   The mill afterhours, 
   Covering the rent 
   2,750 straight months, 
   Playing hurt through three 
   Heart attacks, seven children 
   And five disbanded 
   Pro football leagues. 
   Now let’s talk about 
   A fucking streak.
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