Friday, December 28, 2012

The Mulmaster Beholder Corps and My Christmas Vacation

I remember playing Pool of Radiance in 1988 when the game first came out. On a Commodore 64. It was fun. My younger brothers and I took turns mapping and had some marathon sessions. I know eventually we were able to defeat The Mulmaster Beholder Corps without the Dust of Disappearance you get in the Thieves' Guild, but replaying the game last week I can't imagine how. When I did it this time I forgot to buy enough arrows at the magic shop outside Dagger Falls so i ended up spending two hours hurling rocks out of a sling at beholders. It didn't feel honest because there was no way one can lose this battle once the Dust of Disappearance is used. But after I got ninety minutes in there was no way I was going to go back and do it again. Now I feel like I should have at least tried. Nonetheless I defeated the Mulmaster Beholder Corps for the second time in my life and went on to defeat Tyranthraxus easily. That's how I spent the majority of this Christmas season. I may go on and play Secret of the Silver Blades but I haven't decided yet. It was a lot of fun funding this game free on Free Game Empire. In my opinion Pool of Radiance and Curse of the Azure Bonds were the first and best of the games SSI created. It was really a thrill to have a week in hand to play these two games all the way through and to have a real life to go back to once I finished. Maybe in another Twenty-five years or so I'll play them for a third time. 

The Mulmaster Beholder Corps

March 25, 2013 update: Three months later I have another week to fill. I might just lay low and work out, do yoga, and get my diet back on track. Or I guess it's possible I'll buy a load of chocolate and Tab Cola and play some more Dungeons and Dragons. Haven't decided yet.

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