Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gargoyle #59

I had really good fortune as a young poet getting poems published. In fact, one of my first poems was published in the literary avant garde review Exquisite Corpse. I was encouraged to have my poems published along with some of the best critics and poets of these times. Perhaps too encouraged. That was 1991. By 1996 I had published a couple hundred poems, three chapbooks, and a full-length book, Concave Buddha. But by the late 90's the small press revolution was stalling out. It would soon be replaced by the internet. Instant publication of anything was possible. The days of the small presses were over. That's when I began Zombie Logic Press. I just didn't want to submit work anymore. But there were a few mags I regretted never having appeared in. Three of them were GargoyleBogg, and The Wormwood Review.

Now, unless they do perfect time travel I never will get the chance to appear in The Wormwood Review because legendary small press editor Marvin Malone died in 1996. However, I was fortunate enough to appear in both Bogg and Gargoyle. In fact, I have two poems in Gargoyle 59, the latest issue.

A Poem I Also Title "The Donner Party"
After an Evening of Reading Richard
Brautigan's Poetry

"What's for dinner?"


"No, I meant what's
For breakfast."


Every face
At the bus station
Is a torn
Lottery ticket.

My gratitude to editors Lucinda Ebersole and Richard Peabody for including me among such august company. You can read more poetry from me at Zombie Logic Review

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