Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Point of Terror (1973)

One of my favorite deliveries I ever got when I still subscribed to Netflix delivery was Horrible Horrors Collection 1 because it had such movies as Horror High, Prime Evil, and The Hearse. But the movie I enjoyed in spite of itself was Point of Terror. I have to admit I remember virtually nothing about this movie except there's this guy who fancies himself to be the next Englebert Humperdink

Ya, that guy. And I think there's a seedy rich woman with a pool and the obvious subsequent murder plot, all of which I must remember as being pretty entertaining or I wouldn't have such a hankering to see it again.

Who lives, who dies, who falls for a double cross, and who ends up walking away with a fortune in 1973's Point of Terror? I don't remember. And since Netflix now stocks less movies online than the corner gas station that used to have a video store in it with seven Beta tapes when I was a kid I'd have to buy it or rejoin Netflix to see it, and that's not going to happen. Is there a movie poster?
Apparently there is a poster. Which says a lot of stuff about demons and outer limits of fear I don't remember from the movie at all. I think it's about a Tom Jones impersonator and an aging blond and maybe a younger blond and a pool. Anyway, Point of Terror, probably worth a watch for those who understand the genre. 

January 25, 2015: Two years later, and what I can report to you is that I have seen Point of Terror close to twenty times since I wrote this blog, and it is now one of my favorite 1 a.m. movies. Last night I went so far as to do some research on actor/writer peter Carpenter, and learned that he died in 1971 after Point of Terror. learning that made me extremely curious about Carpenter, and a subsequent Google search turned up nothing about his life or death. I'm still on the trail, and have found one article written for a book, but I have to order the book. There is also some information from co-star Leslie Simms in the commentary of a recent re-release of the movie, but aside from this only his movie remain to document Peter Carpenter's existence. I'll stay on this trail and expect to write a blog about it soon, but in this current age I guess we expect to be able to type anything into Google and be bombarded with information. It's really strange to me that someone with a life that appeared as large as Peter Carpenter's doesn't turn up anything on Google.

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