Thursday, January 24, 2013

Postcards Of the Faust Hotel In Rockford

Greetings from Rockford, Illinois. I found these postcards of the Faust Hotel on Ebay today while I was looking for some neat historical memorabilia. I can see this hotel from my North window. From the same window I can also see The Midway Theater.

Presidents and the rich and famous stayed here at the Faust. Kennedy was in there. Sinatra. I've never been in there but in the uppermost room a few nights ago I saw a light I hadn't seen turned on in four years and I imagined a super-secret meeting of some ancient society sworn to protect the city had been convened. I just couldn't think of anyone in this city who would be summoned to such a meeting. 

This is the lobby of the Faust. It looks pretty much this way when I walk by it almost every day. Knowing Rockford that's probably the same carpet. I'll look hard next time and report back on that. 

And this is one of the lounges. I hear there's also a bowling alley in there. I wonder if JFK bowled when he was there. It seems unlikely given the many quality entertainment options open to him, but it could have happened. Right here in...

Downtown Rockford, Illinois.

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