Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Hell of These Modern Times

What needs to be said? What is meaningful? Among all the noise what signal needs to be heard? What isn't being said, or isn't being said enough, clearly enough, frequently enough, or reaching the ears of those who need to hear it?

I'm not sure anymore. As someone who considers himself primarily a poet I never really thought about such things in the past. My one goal was to write a poem I found entertaining. End of discussion.

But these days so much information gets flung around. Almost all of it useless, devoid of meaning or fact, or just plain wrong. If the truth is out there it requires so much more effort to get at it. 

I don't have much to say this day. I plod forward no wiser and no more infused with truth than I was yesterday. Maybe slightly wiser for at least knowing that, but only minimally so.

I am so bored I am almost driven to getting out pen and ink and writing on actual paper. Oh, the hell of these modern times. Pin It
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