Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Will Joe Flacco Be Whack-O In 2013

I have one fantasy football league by which I evaluate the entirety of my fantasy football prowess. It's the only keeper league I play in so I take a long view on certain players. Year to year a player can make your season or break your season then never really have much impact on you again, but in a keeper league certain players come around and around again to either save your butt or perpetually ruin your life. For instance, in the five non-keeper leagues I play in two years ago I was one of the people who drafted Arian Foster early on and he led me to two championships. I've never had Arian Foster on a fantasy team again, but for that year he made it fun to wake up on Sundays. One person who for the last six years made waking up on Sunday, Monday, or Thursday an adventure in uncertainty is Joe Flacco

For the first time since I began playing fantasy football six years ago Joe Flacco was not on any of my teams. My running strategy for three seasons was to load up on running backs and wide receivers early in the draft and get a bargain later on Joe Flacco and Jay Cutler, who I could usually get back to back in rounds 10, 11, or 12. One of them was sure to break out and fulfill the promise I was being told they had. Right?

Wrong. Every time I did this I ended up having to resort to a third option I got off the waiver wires, and usually sooner than later. 

I didn't play against Joe Flacco once his year with any of my teams so it would be overstating the case to say he had much impact on my fantasy season at all. I watched with a mild degree of interest as he did what he always seems to do: have a few good games and a lot of games where he bores you to death. But mid season it seemed the Ravens decided they wanted to whip the football downfield, and Torrey Smith decided he wanted to catch it. Some of the numbers were gaudy. But was anyone really winning in fantasy football with Joe Flacco at quarterback. And more importantly, will anyone be beating you with Joe Flacco at quarterback in 2013?

Probably. Because that's what Joe Flacco does. He makes you lose at fantasy football. And in 2013 he'll have to once again do it on someone else's team, which he did exactly zero times in 2012. You want him, you got him. I realize what I've said here automatically ensures he will have a huge game and be the Super Bowl MVP, but I don't care. With exciting quarterbacks like Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, and RG3 once again re-defining the position I'll look elsewhere in 2013 for my quarterback and make Joe Flacco beat me. God knows he did it enough times when I did have him on my team. 

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