Saturday, January 12, 2013

Zombiethon Wizard Video Counter Display

I am now the proud possessor of this Zombiethon Wizard Video Counter Display from 1986. This makes me happy for multiple reasons. The first and primary reason is I've been a zombie genre fan since I was twelve, and when I went to Rockford College there just weren't very many zombie movies on the shelf to rent at the video stores. But once place that did have a few was Dollar Video on Morsay Drive. In fact, they had this very movie, which I would rent at six month intervals over a period of four years until Dollar Video disappeared. 

The second reason is that I didn't know there was a movie poster for this movie at all because it was made for video. The interstitial zombie shorts directed by Ken Dixon are worth the watch in themself. 

Third, I love this poster. After finding a version of The Monster Club movie poster I didn't know existed a few weeks ago this really puts a cherry on my sundae. There are still a few posters I consider essential to my ongoing collection, but finding one I never even knew existed is even sweeter. Oh, here's the poster...

I never realized there was such a following for Wizard Video memorabilia until I found the competition for this beauty fierce.  Because I have never seen another one I had to have it. 

I say, old sport, I'll trade you this perfectly good white chick for your copy of  the Zombiethon poster.

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