Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Backlinks Are The Performance Enhancing Drugs of SEO

Google keeps threatening to eliminate backlinks as a method to determine the majority of page rank and refine its algorithm to the point where what matters most is quality content, delivered uniquely and with some authority, intended for an audience actually looking for it. And I have only one response...

Please do it.


Because I can go to thousands of blogs right now with nothing but scraped content, redundant to the point of absurdity, and intended for no particular audience except the one that generates ad revenue. That's unfair to anyone who pays for advertising, and it's also unfair to bloggists who write their own material and have a real audience, even if it's not huge, who seek out that material because it is relevant to them.

I say hell ya, because backlinks are to PageRank what Performance Enhancing Drugs are to sports. Go ahead and take them out and evaluate each site on its content. Please. Last year I wrote blogs about everything from zombie movies to the Presidential election, physics, fantasy football. I posted videos I had made, poems I had written, webcomics I had created, art I had painted, and well-thought out articles on dozens of topics. I'd be more than happy to have my blog evaluated solely on the quality of its content.

Anytime, Google. If you want quality to rise to the top, reward it. Stop burying it under skads of manure. 

Here's my proposal. Create a backlink jubilee. Eliminate all backlinks from the records and let's start flat-footed. Me versus those who have nothing interesting or original to say, but an enormous budget to force people into seeing it. I'll wipe the floor with them.
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