Friday, February 1, 2013

Dry Spell Is a Romantic Comedy Packed With Laughs

Dry Spell is a romantic comedy that begs the question "How much money would it take to stop you from masturbating."

A lot. A lot of money. But enough about me, Dry Spell is the second feature film from writer/director/editor/producer/actor Travis Legge, whose previous feature, Raymond Did It, a slasher film replete with buckets of gore and ingenious kills is a drastic departure from the nicely written and adroitly realized depiction of a recently separated couple dealing with their impending divorce.

That's sort of what Dry Spell is about. Actually it's more about a recently separated couple, Sasha and Kyle, played by Suzi Lorraine and Kyle Hoskins, who are experiencing their own separate dry spells. And by dry spells we mean they're not getting laid. Sasha has the guy picked out in Scott, but experiences some technical difficulties at the moment of oingo boingo. Frustrated, she surmises her aridness is due to guilt that her soon-to-be-ex is not finding anyone and concocts a scheme to get him laid. Merriment ensues. 

When is it a bad thing when your ex-wife pawns you off on a hot chick who wants to do you right in the middle of the bar? Dry Spell answers questions like this. Heather Dorff plays Date number 1.

With laughs throughout, probably the funniest stretch is a fast-paced several minute montage where Kyle meets the candidates Sasha has personally selected to end his dry spell. We see him responding with a good-sported nature to a religious whacko, a Nazi punk with a tattoo of Hitler on her (well, you shall see), a pretty but uberly annoying flower child, and a per-op tranny. Oddly enough the date with the future tranny yields the best results. But still no boom boom. Will Kyle ever get laid? 

Are you gonna eat that alfalfa sprout or whistle Dixie?


Although date number six with Mary, played by Rachael Robbins goes more than well while Sasha spies from afar, we get the idea Kyle's heart might end up elsewhere. Let me just say this, because movie lines come and go, but Dry Spell has several you'll be repeating for a while. My favorite is...

"Nobody with tits that big is fucking normal." Deann Baker as Karen. Does Kyle choose Mary? Do he and Sasha decide they should get back together? Does the chick with the guadalupes defy Trey's wisdom? You'll have to watch to find out.

Good writing and good acting makes you care about this story and these characters. Hoskins and Legge do something most writers don't even try to do: they write well-crafted characters for women. And Suzi Lorraine gives a good performance as does Hoskins who is likable and funny even when mercilessly tearing into his unfortunate dates. It's a slick, well-produced production. Scenes done in the subway are seemless. The editing, done by Legge, keeps it moving forward. The sound, by Jason SSG is crisp and consistent. The lighting, cinematography, and production design are all several standard deviations above what one finds in most low-budget Indie films. This is a crew that should be proud of itself for making really good romantic comedy.

I wish Legge and Hoskins good luck in getting their film into film festivals. A lot of hard work goes into making a movie, and after you've made it that's often just the beginning. Please support the effort to get this film seen at film festivals so those who worked on it can get their just desserts. Support Dry Spell.

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