Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rare Monster Club Vinyl LP About To Be Mine

It's rare for me to celebrate a victory, accomplishment, or acquisition in advance. It's just not my style. I'm far too pessimistic to ever believe any good thing is about to happen. But here's one good thing that's almost certainly about to happen...

I'm about to acquire my very own personal copy of one of the most rare and sought after movie soundtracks of all time... The Monster Club soundtrack


Only recently I discovered there was a British quad poster for the movie, which I didn't believe existed because it was a made for television movie with no theatrical release. But I found one. Now all that is left is the Monster Club graphic novel created by John Bolton and Dez Skinn, and the Holy Grail of all MOnster Club collectibles, the Monster's Genealogical Chart

I contacted what i think was the artist's wife last month, and to my horror she informed me the chart did indeed exist, and that she had found it in storage only last year and sold it to a collector that had asked. Dad gum. In a way I hope he payed such a handsome price for it I could never afford it and will never part with it, but part of me also hopes it went for dirt cheap and ends up on Ebay some day. 

Nonetheless, I am very close to obtaining a copy of The Monster Club soundtrack I know sooner or later another copy of the graphic novel will show up at auction.

And when it does, I'll be there.

February 22,2013 update: Is mine. Now I just need to find the graphic novel and the monster's genealogical chart to complete my collection. Pin It

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