Monday, February 11, 2013

The First Black Pope

If a pope abdicates his papacy does he still maintain the infallibility and powers given to him by god in his everyday life? Seems like god might not want someone running around with those powers just using them to open cans of frank and beans and maybe to get a free orange Fanta out of the vending machine. The Papacy is a strange office to even exist this late in human history, but it does. I see bookies are already setting the line on who will be the next pope. I'd say that was sort of sacrilegious if I didn't know the history of the Vatican. It's been probably the most desecrated and corrupt place in the world, and taking in to account the depravity of your average NFL locker room that's really saying something.

There have been some bad popes in history, but Pope Benedict XVI isn't even close to being the worst of the. Thieves, buggerers, pedophiles, rapists, murderers, zoophiles, Satanists, you name it, popes did it. In my estimation the most this pope is guilty of is...

Looking like the most wicked, baby-eating villain of all time. Maybe I'll call my bookie and put a hundo down on the first black pope. I wonder what the payout on that is?

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