Friday, February 8, 2013

The New Dirty Tricks Squad Isn't As Dirty As It Used To Be

Depression and pain are wet blankets that can kill your creativity. Or they can be the impetus one needs to alleviate the suffering through the creative process. I had a major surgery last September and I still haven't fully recovered. But physical pain has one advantage over depression: it's easier to predict and factor physical pain into your day. You know approximately how much it's going to hurt and plan accordingly. But depression comes from nowhere. No warning. No real way to stave it off. Experience will teach you to fight through it, but when you generate creativity as a career it adds a little extra obstacle to the process. Lately I've been flying along at a pretty good clip. just writing and creating whatever came to mind. I've enjoyed the writing process lately a lot more than I have in a long, long time, even resurrecting a couple of blogs I had created then scuttled a while back.

One of those blogs is Dirty Tricks Squad. I started the blog to write about darker, more negative issues I experienced in my everyday life and saw happening in the world, but when I started writing there again I found I just wanted to write. No limitation. No niche. No Google to cater to. No audience. Just me as a writer and a human being belting it out the way I was experiencing it during the day.

And the numbers are strong. No links, no comments anywhere, no attempt to rope an audience in, people are just reading. And it feels good. But trying to stock several blogs at once is a task I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up with. 

Yesterday I went sledding with the kids. We got them those sleds that look like Captain America's shield for Christmas and the huge, wet snow was coming down and it seemed like this might be the best warmest day of the winter so we went to the park.  Pin It

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