Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Possibility Of Poetry In Rockford, Illinois

Jenny already has her invite to display at Spring Art Scene. I think she's going to show some of our Tiny Drawing Poems. I doubt that anyone will ask me to display any of my fine art at Spring Art Scene, but I have been invited to participate in a doozy of a poetry project I will talk about more later. But in pursuit of that goal I've been interviewing many local poets these past few days to get a sense of the current vitality of the poetry scene in Rockford, Illinois, and I'm enjoying the fellowship quite a bit. 

I'd like to maybe show my four Poem Photos pieces at Art Scene. 

Anyway, back to the poets: it's easy to forget you are one. I was reminded these past few days of readings I don't remember doing, and lots of people who have either left us or gone elsewhere. Rockford is a hard place to be a poet. I wonder if there really are any easy places, but few stick it out here. 

Here's one of the four Poem Photo pieces I'd like to display. The theme of the series is the unintended juxtaposition of images and words that leads to paradox. I also have some beautiful art and photography of The Midway Theatre, but this is what it looks like to me when I pass by it on my way to get milk.

And here's a beautiful photograph of the Midway by Ryan Davis that I bought at Fall Art Scene. 
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