Thursday, March 21, 2013

Brown Dwarf Haiku

Fusing the physics of brown dwarf stars with the stages of grief outlined by Elisabeth Kubler Ross in seventeen syllables? 

Nonsense you say.

Impossible you say.


But for your poetry amusement, anything. Actually, on second thought, if you try to throw in an allusion to a Dylan Thomas poem, it IS impossible. At least at 1a.m. it is. At least for this poet it is. But I did manage to do it in a mere 34 syllables and five lines. 

Brown Dwarf

They raged briefly against 
The dying of the light
Bargained with their cut rate gods,
Turned off their televisons
And said goodnight forever.

Brown Dwarf

They raged brief ly 
Turn ed off their tele vi sions
Said good night for ev er

Maybe tomorrow I'll try again with this and Jenny will do a drawing. I don't know what the astrophysics say about if any life would have ever been possible under a brown dwarf. 
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