Friday, March 15, 2013

Hello China, Japan, India, Poland, and France. Want To Read Some Great Poetry.

The stats tell me a lot of people are visiting from China, Japan, France, Poland, Russia, and India. I know in all of these countries poetry plays more of a role in the daily lives of citizens than here in the United States. If you take a moment to peruse the rest of my blog you'll see I write quite a lot about poetry forms like the haikusenyru, and about poets like Anna Akhmatova and Wislawa Szymborska. I hope lovers of poetry just stopping by will look around to see my poetry, and go to Zombie Logic Review to see the best poetry being published today by incredible poets like Lyn Lifshin, John M. Bennett, Tony Moffeit, and others. Or join in and submit some poetry to Zombie Logic Review. I'd love to see some poetry from Japan, France, China, Poland, everywhere. 

So, welcome to Zombie Logic, no matter where you are coming from. I invite you to take a while and look around at my artwork, poetry, movie reviews etc. 

This is where I live and publish Zombie Logic Review. The Holmes Block in lovely Downtown Rockford, Illinois, USA.

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