Sunday, March 31, 2013

Welcome To National Poetry Month At Zombie Logic Press

I had a great early part of the day. Turned on some Bach and got out an actual ink pen and some paper and wrote poetry. 

Crazy Weather

"Crazy weather we're having,"
Said the man,
Laying down his hat
On the table.
The hat, his father's,
Was undisturbed
By the wind.

"Yes, this weather
Is crazy we're having,"
Said the woman,
Allowing her hair
To fall straight down
Over her shoulders.

That's really the only one of the bunch I want to post. My favorite was a haiku, but I'm keeping that one to myself for a while. It's National Poetry Month in a little over an hour. I wonder if I'll get a Tshirt for my 30 years of service in the Poetry Corps.

Probably not.

Meanwhile, enjoy this graphic of a woman letting her hair down. Perhaps it will soon be replaced by an illustration of a woman with purple hair letting her hair down. 

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