Sunday, April 28, 2013

Driftwood In the Afternoon

I bought this wonderful piece of driftwood at an estate auction in October. It was really chilly that day and we had two kids, so Jenny left me there because I had scouted several pieces I absolutely wasn't leaving without. The greatest thing about this object is no matter which way you turn it it looks great. In fact, laid on its side it looks like a dragon. A few nights ago I saw it from outside and it looked a little ominous. 

I'm not sure driftwood is the right description. Looking at it I think it's more likely either part of the root system of a tree that had been eroded away near water or a woody shrub from the Southwest. Whatever it is, when I first saw it I knew it had been carefully chosen and possessed a lot of character. When the auctioneer got to it I expected a short bidding process, but I had to shake off two other suitors, one of which apparently wanted it almost as much as I did.  Pin It

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